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The Pillars of Creation

This evening I finished reading The Pillars of Creation, the seventh book in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. It's more of a gaiden than its predecessors, largely focusing on a different cast of characters instead of Emperor Richard and Empress Kahlan, who don't play part until late in the novel. Anyways, one of the main protagonists is Jennsen, a girl seeking to avenge the death of her mother, who apparently died at the hands of the D'Haran Empire, by killing Emperor Richard, the supposed mastermind of her murder. To a lesser extent the book follows another man, Oba, with both Jennsen and Oba hearing mysterious voices calling out to them, and eventually discovering their true lineage. Towards the end of the book a major battle occurs between the Imperial Order and D'Hara at the city of Aydindril, with the Imperial Order wishing to bring an inquisition to the New World by burying witches and warlocks in the sky, which is to say, burning them at the stake. The novel ends with a showdown at the titular Pillars of Creation.

All in all, I thought it was a decent continuation of the series that kept fresh by focusing on a new cast of characters, although Faith of the Fallen, its immediate predecessor, is still perhaps my favorite book of the series thus far.
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