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furreviews's Journal

Furry Reviews
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Welcome! If you've got an opinion and at least a high school mastery of the English language, you've come to the right place! Did the latest blockbuster game leave a bad taste in your mouth? Was that movie undeserving of the negative reviews it's received? Tell us why!

Reviews for ANYTHING reviewable are acceptable. Games, TV shows, movies, music, software. Anything's game for a review.

This is going to be a silently modded community, but when you review, keep in mind a few things.

1. It's an OPINION! - Not everyone is going to agree with you. You're not going to sway everyone over to your side. If someone doesn't, don't insult them. I'm a pretty lenient guy, but flamewars and namecalling will NOT be tolerated.

2. Supress your inner fanboy/fangirl - When you get your hands on the new game you've been so hyped about for months, don't play it for an hour and then write a review. Just about everything is the greatest for at least the first few minutes.

3. Be thorough - Sure by definition, "This game was bad", is a review. But it's not a good review. Tell what made it so bad. If what you're reviewing is good, tell what made it good. Get into what you're reviewing as much as you can. Explore every nook and cranny. Your review will be better off for it.

4. Watch your Ps and Qs - Harken back to your boring English classes in school. You're going to need 'em here. You may have written the most unbiased, journalistic review in existence, but no one will take you seriously if you wirte l1k3 this!!!!1. The occaisonal typo is okay. Posting something that looks like you fell asleep on the keyboard isn't.

5. Multiple reviews on the same topic are okay - If Jane liked Game X, and you didn't, it's perfectly okay to write a review explaining why you didn't like it and post it. Try to keep the number of reviews per item low though. If you see that four people have reviewed the new Steven Spielberg movie, and you pretty much agree with what they said, save yourself some time.

6. Review ANYTHING! - A review doesn't have to be about the most recent thing. Sometimes it's a good idea to cast a modern eye on the past. Not everyone's played Chrono Trigger when it was first released.

7. Please cut. - In order to save space on member's friends lists when multiple reviews are posted on the same topic, I'm going to have to ask you to put your review behind an LJ-cut. This rule won't be strictly enforced, but it is encouraged. To learn how to do an LJ-cut, read this.

8. Have fun! - That one should go without saying. Everyone likes good, healthy debate. Don't take things too personally.

And with that...I'm pretty much out. While the name of the community is fur-oriented, nonfurs are encouraged to join as well. Flaming, bashing, or namecalling for any reason (furry-related or not) will not be tolerated however.

Have fun and happy reviewing!

(moderated by bloodfyr)